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Dr. NNeka 

​​​"Self-reflection and transparency are fundamental to personal and professional growth. I believe these two attributes propel us to transform into our best selves, ultimately enabling us to make a significant mark in the book of life."

Dr. NNeka Allen-Harrison


"Leading, Educating, and Empowering Others to Live and Lead Purposefully."

Dr. NNeka Allen-Harrison is an entrepreneur, educator, mentor, and consultant who has made it her mission to promote transformational practices in education, leadership, and social change work. With extensive experience in thought partnership, education, and guiding leaders, schools, and community-based organizations, she has established herself as a highly respected leader in the field. As assistant adjunct faculty at Mills at Northeastern University, co-founder of Leaders Innovators & Forward Thinkers of Tomorrow (LIFTT Inc.) and Summit Learning Institute, LLC, Dr. NNeka has played a significant role in creating platforms that inspire creativity, innovation, and empowerment in education. She has also actively contributed to the discussion on liberatory pedagogy and authentic leadership practices by co-authoring multiple books and articles.

Dr. Allen-Harrison is a valued researcher and faculty member at Mills College at Northeastern, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to higher education. Her dedication to social change and equity is evident in her mission within the social change ecosystem, which aims to eliminate racial and economic disparities by establishing sustainable pathways, pipelines, and educational resources. This mission focuses on improving economic outcomes for African Americans and other racially marginalized people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. NNeka’s research serves as a beacon of advocacy for positive change. Her community-engaged research centers on implementing the Empowerment Model of Social Change to improve economic outcomes for San Francisco Bay Area Black workers. With her unwavering dedication, Dr. NNeka Allen-Harrison is an inspiration and catalyst for transformation in education and social change. Through tireless efforts to advance education, empower communities, and eradicate systemic inequalities, she continues to make a significant impact and serve as a role model for her children and students.